Need more info on Spring Break to South Padre Island?

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This page is designed to be a quick summary of our website offerings and why to come to South Padre Island. At the bottom of this page, there is a submit form you can send over to us to answer any other questions you may have.  While this isn’t a perfect FAQ, it has that edge.


Whether you decide to book with us or not, we are confident we will see you at our Spring Break beach stage at Clayton’s as well as our night time party package clubs. We would love to assist you as Ambassadors to South Padre Island, Texas.

Why choose South Padre Island Texas for spring break?

It is the #1 largest in the USA now, and also the warmest. Combined with the fact you can drive there instead of flying, and it is in Texas and safe, it’s a great choice.

Will there be a lot of people on South Padre Island if I don’t travel Texas Week of Spring Break?

Yes. While clearly in terms of sheer volume Texas week (the week most Texas colleges are off) is the largest, it is not really “the best week.” We get asked that a lot. The other weeks we still have parties of 1000 to 3000 students per night. That’s a PACKED night. We feel shoulder weeks, those NOT Texas week are actually “better.”

Do I have to be 21 or 25 to rent a hotel room or condo on South Padre for spring break?

Generally, yes. With Spring Break South Padre  .com you only need to be at least 18. We do require everyone to be at least 18 to book accommodations with us or a party package. No older. Period.

How old do I have to be to enter the bars or clubs on South Padre Island? How old do I have to be to drink?

Again, you only need to be 18 to enter any clubs or bars on our party package on our nights, guaranteed. You do, like the rest of the USA, need to be 21 to drink legally.

I am worried about being a victim of a spring break scam. How can I avoid this?

*Use your credit card to pay, NO wire transfers, NO paypal, no checks, no deposits to random accounts. If you get ripped off, Visa/MC/AMEX will allow you to dispute the charge and you won’t lose any money

*Do not book a vacation as a student on Craigslist, Vrbo, homeaway, Airbnb etc, Expedia, etc. Yes they have incredible price deals. The problem is they are also fraught with scam artists targeting young adults. They may leave off that you must be 25 to rent or be on the property in March. Sure, you can get a refund, but HOW will that help you once you are on remote South Padre Island? It won’t. They have no onsite staff to assist you. You’ll call someone overseas like India and …well..good luck.

*If it sounds too good to be true, it is. And if you think you have “found the deal” you actually open yourself up to fraud. People get scammed because they are greedy. They are in search of too good of a deal, and shysters can target you very easily.

Why would I buy your spring break party package instead of one of the others I see online?

Easy. We work with 9 different and other sites and companies to all promote the IDENTICAL schedule to our clients. In addition, MAJOR hotels and condos their front desks all promote and advertise our party schedule. Don’t be fooled. Call or email Louies Backyard, Clayton’s, or Peninsula and ask them if Chad Hart throws the largest parties for spring break. The answer will be clear. Chad Hart allows our site to promote his parties and therefore we guarantee they will 100% be the largest student parties or your money back! Only our package works with Clayton’s, only our package works with Peninsula, only our package includes a party yacht cruise (booze cruise). It is easy to be fooled…don’t be. Click HERE to BOOK OUR PARTY PACKAGE NOW

How much are your hotel and/or condo packages with meals and parties included? Are these prices “all in” or are their hidden extra fees?

Our prices are $249 to $399 per person at max occupancy for a hotel package with meals and the parties. This all depends your week. Our prices are $349 to $499 per person at max occupancy for a condo package with meals and parties. Again, it all depends on your week of travel. All fees are included EXCEPT if you want to stay with less people than max, although there is an online booking fee that is assessed at time of check out. There is ZERO do onsite at arrival, period! What you see on your initial invoice is ALL YOU WILL PAY. Click HERE to BOOK NOW

Be aware that many hotels, condos, and rental management companies as well as rental sites like Airbnb, homeaway, vrbo, expedia, etc have fees due upon check in. They aren’t super upfront about them either.


Cleaning fee:                     $50 to $200 per unit

Damage Deposit:              $50 to $100 per PERSON (usually in cash)

“Damage Waiver”            $50 to $200 per unit. This is joke, it covers so little

Security Wristbands        $15 to $50 per PERSON for check in to pay for “their security”

Occupancy Tax                  17% added to price of room or condo

I want to choose what hotel or condo I stay in prior to my arrival. Why can’t I with your website?

Easy. Though we don’t allow you to select your exact hotel property or condo property, rest assured you get choice 1 or choice 2, though our Company chooses at the prices listed.  You find out when you do the group check in at the conference center at the Hilton. We use La Copa or La Quinta. It is not “anywhere we choose” it must be one of these 2 hotel properties. Same goes for condos, it is choice 1 or choice 2. We use Sunchase and Inverness. You will get one, you find out on arrival.

The reason we do categories is it gives our company flexibility in booking large groups all together. This saves us money, and we pass those savings on to you. Most students love our packages, inclusions, and prices. Book direct with a hotel to know ahead of time, not us. With that said, “hotels” don’t include meals nor our party packages.

I heard that you can’t drink on the beach anymore like Panama City Beach Florida, Gulf Shores Alabama, Destin Florida, and Daytona Beach Florida. Is that true?

This is absolutely false. Us Texans are Cowboys. We like open containers. BYOB (bring your own beverage) is allowed on South Padre Island, though you must have an ID on you at all times. No glass is allowed on the beach, and kegs are not allowed at Clayton’s Spring Break Beach Stage for safety reasons. On South Padre Island it is legal to drink on the beach if you are 21 and to BYOB.

Still have more questions?