South Padre Island Texas has made a major resurgence as once again the #1 USA spring break destination with the banning of drinking on the beach in both Panama City Beach and Gulf Shores.  When you consider the current low prices of gas at the pumps, making a road trip down to Padre is a cheap spring break trip. All of our parties including the booze cruise are 18 to enter or go, 21 to drink. The clubs, not our staff nor company card for ID per Texas State Law.

We offer our South Padre Party Package for just $65 per person. With the party package, you get a nylon festival wristband that gets you into any 4 nights of our parties you choose on those designated nights with the cover charge already paid ($10 to $30 value per night) plus a ticket for the party yacht cruise, or what students call the booze cruise. Additionally, all of our party package wristbands get in FREE to Clayton’s Spring Break Beach Stage daily from 12 noon – 5 pm.

With South Padre again on top at #1, pre purchasing our Spring Break Party Package before you arrive makes a lot of sense for the following reasons:

1.) You are guaranteed to attend the largest student Spring Break party every night of your trip, as our Party Package is promoted and advertised by the following tour companies and sites:


This combined effort of all these entities really is what guarantees the massive base of students. At all our spring break parties on South Padre. This takes the guessing game out of what party Will be the largest every night

2.) Saves you money. As a student on a limited budget, getting a deal for parties and a side trip excursion lets you pre set your budget better before arrival. The cover charges for each of our parties is $10 to $30 each night depending on the DJ and the club. Do the math – $50-$100 for 4 nights plus the fact the booze cruise is $35 alone on top of this is a lot more than the flat $65 per student cost. With smart pre-gaming, you don’t have to spend a lot the spring break clubs and bars on drinks.

3.) It makes your trip an overall better one. Before you even arrive on South Padre you will have your club tour itinerary all set. This makes planning for dinners out, to meeting up with friends in different hotels or condos much easier. You will all end up at the same place every night after all. Spring Break at the end of the day is a vacation to let loose. Yes, you will go to the beach stage at Clayton’s Beach Bar (included, free admission daily with your wristband). Now with this wristband, you get to go out every night to an amazing club set on our itinerary like Louies Backyard, Tequila Sunsets, Peninsula for the famous nighttime Pool Party, or Clayton’s beach bar. In addition, you get do something besides just the bars and the beach. You will get to go with all your friends on one of our 4 party yachts for an almost 2 hour excursion on the bayside with a DJ, dancing, and lemonade & cranpunch + cups and ice. The cruises are BYOB just no glass. They are 18 to board, though in Texas the drinking age is 21.

4.) This spring break party package leaves no one behind. What inevitably happens when you don’t have an included cover charge to a party every night is simple, one or more people in your group either is a numskull and spends all their money before the trip ends and can’t go out OR the cheapskates in your group try to convince people to sit in your condo or room every night sipping Natty Lights. (Nothing wrong with Natty Lights, but I mean you’re on vacation here!) With a spring break party package like this, the covers are all free as they are included. This means once you convince the cheap people to buy this package, each night they don’t have to spend money on cover charges to go out. For those that run out of money half ways through the trip, the good news is with their party package wristband they are at least sent to go out every night and enjoy a different club.

5.) If you arrive to our parties prior to 11 pm, we have separate, VIP entrance set up for our wristbands. You simply get your wristbands scanned, show your ID and in you go. The wait for those during a peak week between 10:45 pm and 11:30 pm can be upwards of 20 to 30 minutes just to get in without our party package. Don’t waste time on your short vacation waiting in line to a party you would have went to anyway.

Here is our Spring Break 2024 party schedule:

Additional inclusions in our party package:

FREE ENTRY w/wristband - Clayton’s Spring Break Beach Stage from 12 noon to 5 pm. The beach area at Clayton’s Beach Bar is BYOB just no glass and no kegs. Enjoy live DJ sets, beach contests hosted by MTV’s Nick Brown and massive student crowds partying on the beach PARTYING DAILY
Tuesdays or Thursdays
With our spring break wristband you will get a ticket (various times slotted when you pick up your wristbands at our office on South Padre Island) for the Party Yacht Cruise. These are almost 2 hour cruises on the bayside of the Island on one of four double decker yachts. DJ, music, dancing, contests, and a great time. Cruise includes free cups, lemonade and/or cranpunch mixers + ice. While we only require you to be 18 to cruise, the drinking age in Texas is 21.
Attend the wildest day time private pool party on South Padre for Spring Break. This party is NOT open to the public, you must have a party package to attend this private event. The Greek-O-Holic is from noon to 5 pm on Wednesdays at Sunchase Beachfront Condos. This party is once again, BYOB at the pool. Enjoy the pool, LIVE DJ sets, our super soakers +++ more

If you have additional questions about the biggest and best South Padre Party Schedule please email us: